Inviting Inner Curiosity,

Creating Outer Opportunities to Flourish in Life

"I offer a listening presence, spirit promptings, creative insight, guidance, imagination, and vital holistic practices as we work together with the wild materials, interesting shapes and imperfections of your mind, body and spirit that add character to your life to help you become curious about new choices, perspective and possibilities, live the way you want, and do the work you most want to do. Together we trust and celebrate your successes, help turn failures into learning experiences for growth and future success that allows you to flourish and thrive in all areas of life."

AM I The Coach for You?

* My clients are people who:

   - desire to be at peace with themselves and the world

   - desire relief and healing from stress, trauma or chronic illness

   - desire to live a more healthy and balanced lifestyle

   - desire to creatively express themselves in the world

   - desire more joy, freedom, adventures and possibilities in life 

   - desire to know the Sacred dimension in every area of life

   - desire to flourish in life!

* My clients are often:

   - pastors, seminarians, ministry leaders, educators, health care professionals

   - in transition and looking for work that works for them

   - suffer from chronic illness wanting to take back and take charge of their life

   - burnt out cultural creatives who desire a more healthy, balanced lifestyle  

* I partner with people like you to help you:

   - live the life you want 

   - do the work you most want to do 

   - heal the hurts and hidden pain that has held you back 

   - practice daily loving self-care

   - become free to access full health and vitality 


* My passion is to integrate Spirituality, Healing and the Creative Arts!

* I am a lover of learning and collector of ideas who is continually 

   incorporating new discoveries into my life and work which I pass on to you,

   my clients, as they relate in the moment. 

* I am an edge-walker who has the ability to walk between worlds and

   build connections between them for innovative, new ways of being and doing. 

* I use my own chronic health journey and career modifications to offer

   resources for my clients well being  

* I use and teach a variety of vital practices to further discipline and growth.

   These include:

   - Intuition Medicine® Energy healing practices

   - Capacitar Multicultural Wellness Techniques

   - Tai Chi

   - Qigong   

   - Yoga

   - Dance

   - Music

   - Art

   - Literature

   - Travel 

   - Nature

* I live a full, balanced life, foster bunny rabbits, quilt, expose myself to art and 

   and am the cofounder of C Street Village Cohousing.  

*I draw on my background, training and expertise in the following areas:

* I am a CTI (Coaches Training Institute) CPCC Coach

* I am an ICF (International Coach Federation) ACC credentialed coach

* I am an Intuition Medicine Practitioner® from the Academy of

   Intuition Medicine®

* I am a graduate of CTI's Leadership program focusing on cohousing

* I have been ordained in the Presbyterian Church (USA) since 1988

* I have additional certification in Spirituality, Health & Medicine from Bastyr

   University, Capacitar Trauma Wellness techniques, Contemplative Healing Prayer

* I have a BS in Microbiology and minor in Chemistry and Music Literature

   (to stay sane!)

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My life has transformed right before my eyes through the coaching relationship with Judy... Eight months ago I was a complete wreck... everything was out of balance. Through Judy's intuition, insights and her warm and gentle personality my world opened up to so many new possibilities. I have found my calling...

Thank you Judy for opening my life back up and enhancing my sense of well being! HMT

Deeply appreciated your willingness to support me in every way. What a blessing God has provided for me! YJ

Judy was exactly what I needed to turn a corner in my life. Working for a church can be all confusing. She helped me balance my personal and work life, learn to care for myself better and find a healthier way to be a leader in my faith. MC

So much has been happening! I'm getting a sense of what I am becoming and I know who I want to be! GA

I am so grateful to be working with you and being on the receiving end of your many gifts. Thank you! KB

You helped me see what my life was lacking, especially rest, fun, and grace for myself and equipped me to be able to protect my spirit and my health which enables me to be able to listen to my inner voice and be more responsive. AM

Judy helped me connect to what is most important to me at this time in my life in a gentle and honest way that helped me find the courage to make it a more integral part of my life. JL

My husband is surprised and expressed several times that he thinks that God has put right people around me whenever I need.  Just amazing blessings.... YY

Judy, I am so grateful to be working with you and being on the receiving end of your gifts. Thank you. I just fired off an email to a fundraising consultant to offload that bit of work! Now, on to finding a sales & marketing person! ☺

Thank you Judy. It has been such a HUGE HELP to work with you! MM 

You are a masterful spiritual mentor and coach. You have a Soul-saving skill set. FM 

Just one session with Judy opened up many new possibilities that seemed out of reach before.

Now I'm jazzed to get started! CC


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What is Intuition Medicine®?


Intuition Medicine® uses your innate intuitive abilities for

practical daily awareness, self-growth, personal healing,

healing others and the world around us. It uses specific

types of energy to maximize the healing needed for a

particular issue.


Every interaction is an exchange of energy, and is the

foundational basis of all life. Energy is a vibrational

pattern. Energy healing looks at your subtle energy which

carries messages that can then be used to diagnose, treat,

move, heal and balance your energy so that you can

fully design your own life and create your maximum state

of health and flourish in life. 

What Happens In a healing Session?

A session can be done by phone, over zoom, in person or

even without your presence with permission. I do not touch

your body. I place an intentional, protective boundary

between us so that I do not merge into your personal

space. I ask you to briefly state where you would like to 

focus or an issue that you want to work on. Unlike talk

therapy and coaching, I do not need to know any details,

in fact the less attachment to your thinking mind the

better, although I may ask for feedback or additional

information as I work. I do not do the healing, but act as

a receptor system, asking your body to reveal and 

interpret what it needs, then work with your Spirit to 

facilitate the healing.

The work usually focuses on three areas:

1) Protection and Self-Possession - I work to create a 

positively charged protection field around your personal

universe so that you can claim full possession of your own

energy space.

2) Cleaning and Balancing - I work to increase your level

of overall health by clearing blockages and balancing 

your energy.

3) Recognition and Diagnosis - I work to recognize

patterns of weakness, imbalance, blockages and foreign

energies in your entire mind, body and spirit then treat,

heal, and enhance your energy so that you can 

fully design your own life.

Note: During and after each session you will have some

kind of reaction. This shows it is working. If a reaction

becomes too uncomfortable, we can work to make it 

more comfortable. You may also want to record what you

notice and bring these back for exploration at a next


What is Coaching?

The International Coach Federation (ICF) defines

coaching as "partnering with clients in a

thought-provoking and creative process that inspires

them to maximize their personal and professional



I believe you are:

* naturally creative, resourceful and whole

* capable of finding answers

* willing to benefit from learning

* motivated to take action

* strong enough to recover from missteps

* have your own unique self to offer the world


Together we:

* ask powerful questions

* invite curiosity, openness, and introspection

* shift perspective

* clarify and broaden options

* agree to assignments that bring new freedom and


* celebrate your full potential to get to the heart of

   your deepest desires and who you are so that you

   can flourish in life.

What are the Benefits?

* Self Confidence

* Trust in Self

* Enriched daily living

* Empowered courageous action

* Energized creative spirit

* Relief from past fears

* Deep healing

* Transformation

* Fulfillment

* Moving forward with new perspectives

* New possibilities for your life

* Natural expansion outward into all life offers

* Flourishing in life



How Does Coaching Work?

* As a coach, I work in partnership, focusing

   on getting results identified by you, the client.

* Coaching is not counseling or therapy.

* Coaching results cannot be guaranteed.

* As a client, you hold the agenda and are

   responsible for your results.

* Because I believe wholeheartedly that you

   are the expert of your life and that you

   already have the answers inside of you, my

   role is to accompany you using the tools,

   training and experience I have acquired in

   my life.

* I ask questions that challenge you to expand

   your vision, thoughts, beliefs, assumptions

   and behaviors, help create an action plan

   together with you, hold you accountable to

   your goals and celebrate your success and


After the final no

there comes

a yes

and on that yes

the future world depends.

          Wallace Stevens


How do we Begin?

* Use the Contact me form on this website and

   I will respond as soon as I am able to set up a

   free 30 minute sample session to meet one

   another and determine if we are a good fit

   for what you desire in coaching.

* We design basic agreements about how we

    will work together including a monthly fee

    that honors what we each bring to the

    coaching relationship.

* Generally, I coach my clients by telephone, so

    you can be anywhere in the world as long as

    we can arrange a time to meet together.

* I have a local office one day a week, at the

   Interfaith Counseling Center where we can

    arrange to meet in person.

* I will send you a Welcome to Coaching packet

   with our basic agreement and details of our

   time together.

* I send several things which will help me

   coach you effectively and give us time when

   we meet to focus on what you bring in the


* Our first paid session together is a 1/1/2 - 2

   hour Discovery Session where the majority of

   our time is spent discovering your core values,

   exploring your life purpose as well as other

   tools that will be important in the coaching


* Following the Discovery Session, we will meet

   regularly for 30 or 45 minutes where you

   bring the topic you want to explore that day. * After most sessions you will have some type

   of 'homework', a plan of action which will help

   you build new patterns and beliefs about

   yourself and your life purpose, help you set

   goals and the accountability structure for

   those goals, and move you forward in what

   you want to offer the world.

* The value from our work together will come

    partly from our session, but more importantly

    from what you do, discover or learn about

    yourself between our appointments.

* We usually schedule 2 meetings a month and I

    ask that you commit to a 3 month minimum

    which gives us both enough time working

    together to see results.



"creating inner curiosity, creating outer opportunity"

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NOTE: Our work together does not intend to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition